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Duneland Diamond History

Duneland Diamond has been in Chesterton since the 70's.  It was originally a stand-alone, in-house senior league that bridged the gap between little league and high school baseball.  DD became affiliated with Babe Ruth in the 2000's.


Duneland Diamond

The league is called "Duneland Diamond".  Diamond is singular and refers to the shape of a baseball field.  We are NOT the "diamonds".  

The field

The field at Chesterton Park is owned by the Chesterton Park Dept.  It was the CHS varsity field until it moved to Westchester in 1996.  

Duneland Diamond has an agreement with the Park Dept in which DD is 100% financially responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the field and surrounding park in exchange for exclusive use of the field.  Since 2009, DD has built dugouts, the shed, bleachers, the brick paver plaza, drinking fountain, landscaped gardens, and the planter and sign at the corner.  In conjunction with the Boy Scouts of American, the flagpole, benches, and bullpens were installed.  DD has planted over 50 trees around the field. 

The Park Dept generously mows the outfield grass, empties trash, provides portable bathrooms and provides assistance when possible.  They also installed the outfield fence and planted the arbor vitae outside it.    

This year's projects include building an extension of the shed, installing electrical wiring and fixtures in the shed, and installing a scoreboard (see below).

The scoreboard

The most recent endeavor is the installation of an electronic scoreboard measuring 9'x15'.  Hurst Orthodontics, Precision Dental and Pratt Industries generously funded the purchase of the scoreboard and the miscellaneous electrical installation.  Raffin Construction donated the 20' steel I-beams required for mounting.  Superior Construction is donating the equipment and supplies necessary to install the footings for the I-beams (2' diameter by 9' deep).  The scorer's table, concrete pad and secured storage will be built as an Eagle Scout project (Henry Bell).  If enough money remains, a PA system will be installed.

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